The 2022 UCI Road World Championships – Wollongong (“W2022”) is a landmark event for Wollongong and New South Wales. It presents a major opportunity to showcase the region and develop the sport and attract a new generation of cyclists to engage in active recreation.
Long after the excitement of W2022 has passed, its success will be judged by the legacy it leaves for our future. This strategy is about realising opportunities before and after W2022 to create a positive, sustainable legacy from hosting the event.

Wollongong will take pride in hosting a successful and memorable UCI Road World Championships, however we recognise that W2022 is about much more than providing the best competition for athletes and the best event for spectators. We must ensure that as many sustainable benefits as possible are generated by the event, including benefits that can be realised in the host city and Illawarra region, across NSW and the entire country.

Legacy outcomes from hosting the event are expected to benefit citizens across NSW, the cycling community and the residents and businesses of Wollongong and the surrounding local government areas.

Our legacy themes are:

a. Sport: Increase opportunities for participation in cycling across NSW
b. Transport: Support initiatives that increase opportunities for people to ride a bike (for active transport) in NSW
c. Policy: Maximising the event platform to further policy matters for to support cycling
d. Education: develop education programs for cyclists
e. Tourism: Achieve a UCI Bike City designation for Wollongong – achieved in February 2021
f. People: Develop the skills of event organisers, event approval authorities and sport volunteers to support future events
g. Partnerships: Provide a platform to galvanise the community interest and support to deliver legacy as part of the W2022.

Find out more about the Wollongong 2022 Legacy Plan via NSW Office of Sport and at the following links: