5 reasons to volunteer at the 2022 UCI Road World Championships in Wollongong

There’s no ‘i’ in peloton and that’s because it takes a whole team to win a race. To help us get to the finish line, we’re calling on all members of the community to register to be a volunteer for the 2022 UCI Road World Championships.  

Applications for our Volunteer Program supported by Wilson Asset Management are now open! Read on to discover the top five reasons you should volunteer with Wollongong 2022 this year. 

1. It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends  

We’re looking to recruit around 1,500 enthusiastic volunteers for our workforce. This means you’re going to meet a diverse range of likeminded individuals who share a passion for the community, cycling and major events. If you’ve been looking for a way to build your network and meet new people, this is your chance. Who knows, you could be on a shift with a future life-long friend.  

2. Be part of one of the world’s top sporting events 

Did you know the UCI Road World Championships is one of the top five annual sporting events in the world? This is the Super Bowl or Grand Slam of cycling! 1,000 of the top international cyclists from 70+ nations will be competing for a gold medal and the revered rainbow jersey. Volunteering with Wollongong 2022 is a chance to be part of history – just imagine the bragging rights you will have in years to come when you tell people you were part of this world-class event.  

3. Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to an Olympic-scale event  

Are you itching to be more than a spectator sitting on the sidelines? Do you want to get closer to the action and athletes? Volunteering is your exclusive behind-the-scenes pass. You could be involved in race safety and operations as a course marshal (super close to the action), driving guests around town, facilitating accreditation for hundreds of athletes, media and officials, or being part of the logistics team that prepares venues to ensure we are ready. 

4. Create a lasting legacy for Wollongong and cycling in Australia 

If you’re a local and love Wollongong, this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase your home city on the world stage. This event is watched by more than 300 million viewers around the globe –that’s a lot of eyes looking to this picturesque coastal town. You can feel proud knowing you’ve taken part in an event that will promote Wollongong to a global audience. For those visiting volunteers who loves bike riding, you will be creating a lasting legacy for cycling in Australia by building participation in an activity that’s great for the environment and personal health and wellbeing.  

5. You will receive an exclusive Wollongong 2022 volunteer uniform 

Nothing’s better than free merch! No one else will get their hands on the uniform you will receive, meaning you will have an exclusive piece of unique merchandise to signify you were part of this epic event in Australia. In years to come, an official volunteer uniform will be a fantastic piece of memorabilia that will hold many memories. 

Need we say more? There are so many benefits to volunteering. Applications close on the 25 May 2022, so don’t miss out and register today!